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Booster Club Executive Board

Jason Ferrier


Phone: (562) 225-6100

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Vice President

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Dan Solomon


Phone: (714)260-5155

Claudia D'Onofrio


Phone: 562-739-3839

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Griffin Gear

Charmaine Dorsey


Phone: (310) 625-2037

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Parent Information

In an effort to eliminate some of the confusion that may arise in a high school sports program, this page has been created to help new and existing parents navigate the various constituencies of Los Alamitos Football as well as understand what is expected of players and parents in our program.  Los Alamitos is one of the most successful programs in the country because of the efforts of coaches, players and parent all contributing to help the program excel.

Parent Expectations & Information

The Los Alamitos Football program runs year round, with various phases throughout the year.  While the season typically runs from August through December, coaches, players and parents are involved in varying degrees during the entire year.

Buying a personal helmet

Some parents wish to buy a personal helmet for their son. Our helmets get a custom paint job, which you cannot ask for personally. If you wish you can use the order form below to buy a helmet through the booster club. It is NOT MANDATORY to buy a helmet. One will be issued to your child if you do not.

Fees, Expenses and Fundraising

Running a program of this size and quality is extremely expensive, and with recent budget cutbacks the school only covers a portion of the cost of running the program.  The Los Alamitos Griffins Football Booster Club has two main purposes.  The first is to serve as an interface between parents, the school, and the coaches.  The second is to provide fundraising to help support the program and lower the cost per family required to run the program. In addition to assisting with fundraising, each family is expected to contribute to help cover the costs of equipment, coaches, transportation, fields, and stadium costs needed to run the program.

  1.  Player Transportation Fee-this fee of $200 is required for a player to join the other players on the buses used to transport players and coaches to each game.  MANDATORY - DUE 8/1/20
  2.  Family Contribution-Families are expected to contribute to help fund the cost of the program. This year's contribution is the same as last year, $400 per player. A payment plan is available for families through the website, or you can communicate directly with Monica Graham.
  3. Fundraising - The Booster Club sponsors various fundraising events to help offset any additional costs to families.  Becoming a Booster Member, assisting with fundraising, and volunteering at events all help offset some of the program costs.

Player Physicals

Players will not be allowed to begin fall camp on August 6th without being medically cleared.  If your player did not participate in on-campus physicals then please have your doctor fill out the form below.  It must be turned in to the Activites Office at Los Al.  It is anticipated the activities office will reopen May 11th.  You also need to update your information on  Please note this process could take some time given the summer break, DO NOT wait until the last week to complete your physical. 

Getting Connected

All Fundraisers and required registrations are propagated on this website. Forms are available below and many of our programs have online registration by using the PARENTS tab above.

Year at a glance

Fall Camp & Season

Fall camp begins in early August (see Calendar tab for dates).  CIF has mandatory practice requirements before a player can participate in a game.  Players not fulfilling these requirements will not be allowed to participate in games until they have completed these requirements.


At the end of the season there is typically a year end banquet to honor the team.  Players who are not graduating will remain in 6th period football and begin off-season workouts.  Some athletes will move to other sports, please check with the coaches to ascertain which sports will require a departure from the 6th period football class and which will train with the football team.

Spring Practice

Spring practice is typically three weeks long and concludes with a Spring Game, which is non-padded.  Players are expected to wear the official spirit wear chosen for the season.

Summer Football

Los Alamitos Football players are highly encouraged to participate in the summer football program.  This years summer program will be Sponsored by the Los Alamitos Booster Club. The official beginning of Registration will be on May 8th, with payment going through this website.

At the end of the camp there is a three week, mandatory "dead period" that is mandated by CIF.  During this time period the players are not allowed to workout or have football related contact with the coaches. This would be the ideal time for families to plan vacations.